Jolanda Drukker Murray

Window Exhibitions June-Sept 2021


What are you currently creating?

At this moment I am working on a sarcophagus-like box for a piece of textile art I created. This work tells the story about the development of writing like hieroglyphs and cuneiform. I thought a ceramic box would emphasize the value of this piece.

I have also a continuous biographical project called Houses for my Soul like the ‘Sleurhut’ (transl.: shack on wheels) about letting go of what you think is important to you.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop creating Mossels. Building them, segment by segment makes me so happy!

How did you get into ceramics and how long have you been making things from clay?

After graduating Art History at the University of Leiden, I was initially trained as a painter. Since I missed the third dimension, I started exploring sculpting. First in clay and later on in bronze and concrete.  Working with a welding machine was definitely one of my favorites. After fooling around for many years clay appeared to be the best material to tell the stories I want to share. The last 25 years it has been my main material for 3D works.

Do you have any specific influences or inspirations for your ceramics?

People each in their own “Circle of Life’ are an important source of inspiration in my work as a sculptor. Africa also plays a significant role. Inspired by my study Art History, Odyssey and other mythological stories are also central in my work like the ‘Vogel-, Konings- and Ramsvrouwen’.

Nature is another recurring source of inspiration for me like the ‘Mossels’ from the series “Frames of Nature”, now on show at Studio Pansa.  In these works, I delve into the appearance of mussels. In the form I express the influence of high and low tide, and in the color, I show the day and night rhythm of mussels.

Most of my work has a biographic origin, like the people I meet, the travels I make. The ‘Mossels’ are a childhood memory of family holidays at the beach. The little clusters of mussels gently rolling back and forth at the coastline were my inspiration.

As designer of ceramics, I get inspired by whatever I come across during my travels. The worn-out bowls and saucers with holes in it like a colander as I saw in Africa and India were my examples in the series Home Made. 

What inspires you at the moment?

Ancient History is at this moment my main source of inspiration because of the sarcophagus for the combined textile and ceramic work for a museum in Hardinxveld-Giessendam next September.

Do you have a web shop or any upcoming events or sales that you would like to be mentioned? How can people find you? Do you do commissions?

You can find my work at Pansa Gallery! I also have a small selection on my website, but please feel free to contact me so I can welcome you in my studio in Utrecht! You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook.

I really like to do commissions because the contact with the client gives the work a deeper meaning.

Anything else you would like us to know about you and your art?

I would like you to know that I see myself as a visual story teller, in clay or any material that’s appropriate for the specific story. Moving around a lot, my mind is always open to creative encounters and that’s why there is never ever a lack of inspiration!