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Everyday Narcissism

When’s the last time you’ve done any good? Not for yourself, but for somebody else.

When’s the last time you’ve done any good? Not just to feel, but to do what’s real and actual good.

Tell me now when did you last act, without any form of self interest?

See how everything we do must bring some form of personal gain. So maybe the selfish and selfless are one and the same.

Amsterdam born Omar de Jong, started ceramics as little as two years ago. By fully dedicating himself to the potter’s-wheel during the various Covid lockdowns, he quickly developed his signature style. His intricate sculptures consist of a multitude of wheel-thrown pieces combined together. Personally he views his sculptures as self-portraits, manifesting the tension between his own social desires and his self proclaimed fear of commitment. 

@Abslt_zr0 I Omar de Jong I Amsterdam


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KNSM-Laan 297
1019 LE Amsterdam

Past exhibition

Frank Officier

Frank seeks beauty and value. Looks for imperfect perfection. And is searching for the subtle.

After graduating from the Rietveld he started working as a video artist, later on, his interest shifted to design and crafts. Art and design overlap in his work, and he sees each object he creates as part of a continuing process of learning. He makes objects that soothe, objects that resonate, are still and evoke a certain calm.

Objects that remind you. It’s about the things that we feel but don’t express, left as a mere memory of an unfulfilled deeper emotion. Separate from trends and volatility, but intended to be cherished and left behind.Sometimes unintentionally functional, often not.

Most of the objects he makes are unique, unique in the sense that no two are the same, one-offs. This can be due to an algorithm that he uses in the design, or due to the execution that is often traditional.

“I fold, bend, saw or form, click and tear,

And let me be distracted looking for that one thing I can’t name.”

Frank Officier | Amsterdam |